Danish identities

By External Associate Professor, PhD Michael Langkjær, University of Copenhagen

This course offers insights into what has contributed towards the present-day Danish mindset conceptually, historically and culturally.

1. ’Heroic’ Viking Virtues and Monarchy: The role of the Vikings in Danish history, their legacy and idealization. How the Viking chieftains transformed themselves into Danish monarchs, and the significance of the Monarchy for Denmark.

2.  Welfare and the Welfare State: How the present day Danish welfare model grew out of a gradual reform process involving many actors. We look at the basic principles and issues of the universalistic and tax-financed Danish welfare state.

3. ‘Local’ Democracy and Egalitarianism à la Grundtvig: How peasant reforms, the cooperative movement and the Folk High Schools helped form a Danish national identity along with democratic consciousness thereby and created some of the most successful ‘small farmers’ in Europe.

4. Denmark as the Epitome of the Small State: How small-state status and need for domestic consensus compelled the Danes to be both ‘hesitant’ and ‘active’ partners in NATO and the EU.

5. The character and appeal of Danish ideas of ‘hygge’, architecture, urban planning, and sustainability.

Danish identities


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